The grain of gold of the year 2018

The grain of gold of the year 2018

The grain of gold of the year is a jewelry design competition for creators under 30.

2018 year’s theme

“Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The philosophers of ancient Greece were convinced that these four forces were the foundation of all that exists, but the notion is much older than that and is found in several older creation stories. The small world, man, just as the big one would be in balance, and none of the elements allowed to take over. Now you have a unique opportunity to interpret the elements and how they affect us today. What do they mean to you and how can they be balanced? Or would you rather interpret one of the elements and its unique meaning?”


The four elements were for a long time the great pillars of science and from them all other matter was created.

The four largest discs are in gold and these symbolize fire, earth, air and water. The smaller discs are in silver and these symbolize the many different materials they create between each other.


925 sterling silver and 18k red gold.

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